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are about creating and documenting a care-free day full of wonder and adventure, customized especially for you.

Adventure Sessions

Have you ever seen the scene in Perks Of Being A Wallflower where Sam stands in the back of Patrick's pickup truck and they drive through the tunnel to David Bowie's song, Heroes? That feeling is an adventure session.

What the heck is this?

Imagine the feeling you have when you finally get to the peak of your hike and see the view. Or when you're on vacation and the ocean is in your hair. Or when you're huddled around your favorite people, doing your favorite thing. For these little moments, you forget about all the things you're supposed to worry about. That feeling is also an adventure session.

What Makes Adventure Sessions Special?

Adventure sessions start with a detailed questionnaire all about getting to know you, followed up with an interview with you to find out even more information! These sessions are one-hundred-percent customized to you and are unique to what you love and what will make your session special to you.

So really, it's you that makes it special.

If it's just you, and you want to spend a day with me and my camera going on a wild and fun ride, lets roll, baby!

If you have a significant other who you want to sweep off their feet and give them a dream date (where you don't have to do any of the planning - big score), that's amazing and will get you some major brownie points. 

If you and your best friend want to document a day full of memories, I'll plan it and be there capturing them for you to keep forever. 

If you're a parent who wants to give your family an adventure session full of fun and quality time spent together, I'm game.

who can have an adventure session?



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Book your session

After your initial inquiry, you will be sent a proposal that has everything detailed and laid out for you. We will pick a date, and then from there, you will pay your deposit and sign your contract! Choose Your Own Adventure sessions are an all-inclusive cost of $1,800 for up to two people. Payment plans are available.


Your questionnaire is where the fun starts. You'll sit down with your favorite drink and tell me all the fun details that make you, you. 



There's no way I can find out everything I need to know in just a single questionnaire! So, I will send you a follow-up questionnaire with unique questions just for you.

additional questionnaire


This is where we get to know each other! I'll wrap up any final detailed questions I have, we can chat a bit about what to expect, and you can ask me any questions that have been floating around in your head!



Your adventure kit is like your birthday in a box. This will have personalized items for you (either to bring to your session, or just a gift!) that are clues to what your adventure session might entail.

receive your adventure kit


You can either be mailed or emailed a detailed list of three different adventure options. Choose whichever one seems best fitted for you

choose your adventure


If you prefer to go in blind and experience everything as a surprise, this is totally an option as well! Instead of the options, I will either mail or email you a list of things to bring/prepare, wardrobe recommendations, and anything else relevant that pertains to your grand surprise. (This is my personal favorite!)

or! be surprised


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