Located in North West Austin in Cedar Park, TX, Brushy Creek Lake Park is a superb location. With plenty of space to spread out, it's perfect for big groups, or even intimate family sessions. Golden hour is stunning at any time of the year, and the tall fields don't go away with the seasons, along with most of its greenery. Since it's located on a creek it even has easy access to get in the water! It also features a bridge, mature trees, and plenty of places to sit and get cozy!

Right down the road from Brushy Creek Park, this park is full of surprises! You wouldn't think that a sports park would have such a lovely trail, creek, and old built up train tracks, but it does! It's a park that has a ton of beauty in a tiny space. Throughout the year in golden hour the sun hits the trail and trees beautifully making it a gorgeous place to shoot. Green grass, a creek, beautiful structures and trails, what more can you want from a location?

brushy creek lake park

brushy creek sports park

Jonesbrothers Park is a beautiful park located in the Texas Hill Country, in Jonestown, TX. Not only is it right on Lake Travis, but it has a half-mile trail that leads to a small waterfall and has towering trees on either side. In the spring, you'll find beautiful blooms along the trail and depending on the lake levels, a small creek flowing alongside the trail as well. (Important note: recently, Jonesbrothers has started requiring a fee for those who don't live within the city.)

Jonesbrothers park

st. edwards park

St. Edwards park is a beautiful park located on the North West side of Austin. It features beautiful greenery, a small creek, and in the springtime, wildflowers a-plenty! This is a unique spot for couples, maternity shoots, or anyone who wants to be in the water and have a little more privacy than Barton Springs.